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SNPs are Us

It won’t be long before snp is added to the pantheon of approved English words in the OED. It will sit among those rarest of words, those that lack a vowel like the crafty Welsh invented—cwm (a mountain hollow), crwth … Continue reading

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From DNA to New Cousins & Ancestry

The back of a Cornflakes box is a good deal more absorbing than another person’s family tree. Genealogy is a rather personal game of history. Our interest seems to gain momentum with age, which may unfortunately mean we are too … Continue reading

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My Big Fat Neanderthal Family Wedding

Was there a population that never experienced discrimination?  Prejudice has an ancient pedigree, perhaps wired into the human psyche. I was musing whether Neanderthal people bore it first and endured the stigma longest.  Thirty thousand years after they mysteriously disappeared, … Continue reading

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