Thanks for landing on Roger Gosden’s blog

[COVID-19. While the news and conversations are absorbed by the coronavirus pandemic, nature conservation seems a low priority compared to suppressing the contagion and saving human lives. But the two are intimately connected. On the one hand, environmental pressures may enjoy temporary relief as carbon emissions and pollutants fall back and hunters in some Mediterranean countries slaughter fewer spring migrating birds. On the other, there is, or ought to be, a growing understanding of how our treatment of the environment and exploitation of wildlife makes human society more vulnerable to zoonoses and other threats (e.g., see blog on pangolins).  I will continue to post weekly articles reflecting these concerns.]

The blogger is following a fresh path after pausing to finish a book. A new subtitle captures the theme: Peace with Nature.

The words nature and peace offer layers of meaning for a writer to explore. He prefers to call his posts ‘pensées’, as if you can overhear him thinking aloud. He is absorbed by the overwhelming challenge for humanity of sustaining the beauty and bounty of life on our planet. It is in our (dirty) hands.

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