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Caffeine gives Bees a Buzz

Writers, as well as lots of other folk, believe they need to be caffeinated to discover their creative side and help burn the midnight oil. The downside of drinking coffee and other caffeine-rich drinks is physical dependence, with withdrawal symptoms … Continue reading

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Honey Health

A neighbor asked for local honey to treat her allergy so I gave her some from our hives. She wanted a natural alternative to anti-histamines. South-east Virginia has a miserable reputation for hay fever sufferers, and pollen is suspect as … Continue reading

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Where the Bee Sucks

There are compensations of being cooped up indoors in wintertime. Bilbo Baggins looked forward to the long evenings in his hole at Bag End when he could relax in an armchair toasting his feet in front of a blazing fire. … Continue reading

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Bee Intelligent

I remember a biology lesson when our schoolteacher laid out a row of pickled brains.  The lids of some jars were leaking formaldehyde vapor into the classroom, an irritating odor that I had to get used to after I started … Continue reading

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Winter bee-line

T.S. Eliot was wrong: February is the cruelest month, not April. When one of our sister bee hives in the Yorktown churchyard was opened recently the entire colony was found to have died. Several thousand bees were strewn across the … Continue reading

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