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Cold Finger

The last time we had a really cold snap like last week I dug up something unexpected in my backyard. It was not as exciting as a human skeleton, but nonetheless interesting.  I was digging frozen turf with a sharp … Continue reading

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Shifting Baselines

In 1608 Captain John Smith led a crew of fourteen to explore the Chesapeake Bay in a shallop brought over from England in the hold of the Susan Constant.  Leaning over the side of the small craft they could see … Continue reading

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New Year Musing

It’s time to reflect on the experience of blogging after a year and at the threshold of a new one. Every blogger has something they want to express or knowledge or experience they want to share. For some, a few … Continue reading

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Few people are star-struck these days—unless you mean a movie- or rock-star. How could they be when the nightly spectacle is veiled by light pollution? That expression might strike you as perverse, even as a non sequitur, for isn’t “light” … Continue reading

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Dear Jean

Dear Jean I couldn’t leave my students to say farewell. Our friends told me it was one of those miserable days before the daffodils bloom along the Cambridge College Backs: Scots would call it a “dreich day”. Pronounced correctly, everyone … Continue reading

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