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What Hatidze Knows

A woman in a desolate corner of North Macedonia claimed to be the last wild beekeeper in Europe made a splash at the Oscars. Her story told in Honeyland took three years to produce on a slim budget and was … Continue reading

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Where the Bee Stings

Bee stings … an occupational hazard for beekeepers. The price paid for hosting hives and stealing their honey. I score about three hits per season, and they are generally deserved from carelessly zipping my beesuit. But honey bee stings don’t … Continue reading

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Bee-line from Virginia

Question: When is a beehive hairy? Answer: When it grows a beard. A poor joke but it helps to kick-start a post about heating and air-conditioning. For most of the year, worker bees struggle to maintain the brood chamber in … Continue reading

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Bee Swarm or Split

Beekeeping is like farming. All livestock—whether large animals with four feet or tiny ones with six—need food, water, shelter, and sometimes medication. Like an old farmer checking his herd in a meadow, I watch our ‘girls’ flying back and forth between … Continue reading

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