Abandoned in Appalachia

Abandoned house in Pocahontas County, West Virginia
Pocahontas County, WV

If you go on a road trip through the Appalachian mountains you will see lots of old abandoned houses. I often wonder who lived there and why they left. Please click to view a video of selected photos taken over the past decade with accompanying Old Time music from my friends’ string band. Some of the homes (including the above) have since disappeared.

By Roger Gosden

A British and American scientist specializing in reproduction & embryology whose career spanned from Cambridge to Cornell's Weill Medical College in NYC. He married Lucinda Veeck, the embryologist for the first successful IVF team in America. They retired to Virginia, where he became a master naturalist and writer affiliated with William & Mary. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Gosden


  1. Great job! Who took all those photos! If you did, that’s quite an undertaking. Thanks, Roger, for the thoughtful posts!

    1. Bruce. Thanks. Yes they are my pics. Many more on my Flickr pages. Deserted houses trigger fascination, posing unanswered questions (who lived there, why did they leave, etc) and are moving illustrations of the cycle of life.

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