Draft Book Covers

Thanks to my readers and friends for helping me to decide between two front cover designs for a book of essays about nature or science, and memoir. Your suggestions persuaded me to switch my favorite and shorten the title. When the book is published it will look like this:

A Biologist in Paradise by Roger Gosden

To be published fall 2014

About Roger Gosden

British-born scientist specializing in human and animal reproduction & embryology. Academic career spanned from Cambridge and Edinburgh to McGill and Cornell's Weill Medical College in Manhattan where he was Professor & Research Director. Married to Lucinda Veeck Gosden, embryologist for the first successful IVF team in America, he retired early to Williamsburg, Virginia, to write and to recover from 'nature deficit disorder'
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3 Responses to Draft Book Covers

  1. kay says:

    Hi Roger….I like the colourful photo on the right, but feel that the title is too prominent, obscuring the picture…..can the title be made smaller/more discreet? Look forward to reading the book!

  2. aveeck says:

    And now to blur any statistical significance you are trying to achieve – I prefer the one on the left. It is more mysterious. Invites me in. I think that will be important in making your book stand out in a fairly crowded marketplace.

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