Bertie Cutlip – Appalachian Poet

Bertie Cutlip

Bertie Cutlip outside her home in West Virginia

Last June I posted a story about my visit to an old country lady who lives down a ‘holler’ in the West Virginia mountains. Visiting Bertie Cutlip is an experience that lifts hearts, which is an extraordinary gift because her life was never easy, and never harder than now in her ninetieth year still caring more for others than for herself.

She expresses memories of growing up in Appalachia through rhyming verses. Around Webster Springs she is almost a celebrity, but is almost unknown outside the county. Wanting to bring her art to wider notice, I visited her last week to record some of her favorite poems.

The first was her signature poem, Ode to West Virginia

The other three poems are: Sago Mine, Memories of Home, and Me – a Murderer. All of them are now available on YouTube where they can be located by Googling “Bertie Cutlip.” I hope you enjoy them, and check ‘Like’ to please her.

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